Welcome to the Tekkit Engineering gallery. Here you'll find screen shots from inside the server as well as other shenanigans.

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+ General Pictures

+ Humorous

+ Real World Stuff

+ "Tek Eng" Custom Modpack

+ 1.2.5 Server Pictures (Surfside)

+ Public Pool

+ Typhoon Lighthouse

+ Mt Vernon Nuclear Facility

+ US Defense Missile Silo

+ International Airport (Under Construction)

+ Anntenna Field

+ Glenn Canyon Dam

+ San Fernando Gold Mine

+ Interstate 92

+ Public Parking Structure

+ Utility Tunnels

+ 1.6.4 Server Pictures (Windpoint)

+ Member Black Ball Voting System

+ Home of Teslamad

+ Harvest Town

+ Future Home of Taragorn

+ Serenity Mine

+ Bridgeport Rail Crossing

+ Windpoint Metal Depot

+ Appenzeil Mountain Village

+ Everest Basecamp

+ Everest SouthCol Route

+ 1.7.10 Server Pictures (Pending)

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