About Us

Who are we? We're just a group of enthusiastic engineers who happened to discover Minecraft when it first came out and we've been hooked ever since. This stuff is like catnip for us and gets us away from the day to day activities at the office. The life of an engineer is not as glamorous as the Discovery channel makes it seem. I think for a lot of us, Minecraft is an escape from reality. It's a chance to let the true engineer inside shine through without all the paperwork, deadlines, red tape, etc. holding us back. I think we can all admit, Minecraft eventually gets a little boring. Thankfully we discovered Tekkit, and along with it, a renewed inspiration. If you liked our Minecraft creations, just wait to see what we come up with in Tekkit! The sky is no longer the limit.

So from where do we hail? All over the US really. Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois. Several disciplines as well. We're quite a diverse technical group. Computer, Network, Electrical, Nuclear, Mechanical, and other engineering disciplines. That's not to say that if you're not an engineer, you won't fit in. As long as you have a passion for Minecraft and a willingness to learn and experiment, you are welcome here any time. Not only can Minecraft be fun and inspirational, but it can also be surprisingly instructional.